Man and Woman Vol 3 Search for identity. Moskva, Institute for Afri­can Studies Russian Academy of Sciences. 2011.

This volume is a thematic continuation of the following collective monographs: «Man and Woman. Vol. 1. Dialogue or Rivalry?» M.: 2004 and «Man and Woman. Vol. 2. The Evolution of Relationships». M., 2007 in wchich the dynamics and specificity of the gender relations in different so­ciocultural milieus are reconstructed. The scope of social examples ranges from the African and Antic societies to the modem cultural groups of Russia, Europe and the Americas.

The first part of the book «Gender and Prehistory» is basically devoted to comparison of mythology and comparative linguistic issues. In particular the hypothesis of the connection between the origins of music and language is suggested in the paper «Gender in History and the Proto-Language».

In the second part of the book: The war of sexes or the search and dis­covery of the identities the behaviors, mentalities and life models of men and women in different historical epochs are treated. A special attention is paid to the demonstration of the forming female identities through the self­perceptions of body and feelings hidden from the strangers’ eyes.

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